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10 Minute Bagel Chips

Quickly and easily transform your leftover bagels into a delicious snack - Bagel Chips! 

What you’ll need: 

Mandolin (Recommended for thin, even slices) 2-4 bagels (stale bagels work best) Olive Oil 

Yield: 0.5 lb-1 lb 

1) Slice bagels between 1/8 inch-1/16 inch using a mandolin. 

*Note: We find it easiest to slice the bagel while it is positioned upright on its side. This creates relatively uniform, oval shaped chips and keeps your hand away from the mandolin blade! 

2) Toss bagel slices with olive oil and salt, if desired. 

3) Place slices on a baking sheet in a single layer (to ensure crispiness) and bake for 5-10 

minutes, or until chips have slightly browned. 

4) Serve and enjoy! 

Tip: Try our Jalapeno and Veggie Cream Cheese for dipping!